About – Life Love Food

Welcome to Life Love Food, a journal of personal thoughts, photographs and recipes taken from my daily life.

I was born and raised Venetian from Venetian parents, grandparents and great-grandparents. Growing up in a village in the Venetian countryside, I have always been used to eat delicious, local, seasonal food, moslty home-grown. Far from feeling fancy, that food was what we ate everyday, no questions asked.

Fast forward, skipping though adolescence drama and weird, ever-changing eating habits, I am at University in Padua, studying for my BA in foreign languages, and acknowledging an ever-growing interest in food. So, rather than continuing on a path to become a translator, I chose to finish my BA as fast as I could, with a thesis in Sociology of Food, and to pursue a career in food.

One of the most crucial moments for my understanding of food was when I studied for a Masters in Food Culture and Communications at the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo – a tiny village in the stunning Langhe hills in Piedmont. I learned more about food in those two years than in a lifetime – about how it is grown, about its implications in everyday life, and about how it creates bonds and meanings. Absorbing as much information as I could, I then wanted to start a conversation with all the like-minded people out there. I also wanted to share my recipes, thoughts, and experiences in the kitchen. This is when Life Love Food was born. During those two years, I also met the person who would soon become my husband – an inspiring, talented man with whom I share my passions (food, photography, traveling), values, dreams, and enjoy the same type of lifestyle. Good food, exploration and creativity are the core of our life together. When we left the beautiful Langhe for London, these values helped us to move in the right direction, an to avoid feeling lost in this big move from Italy to the UK. This blog sometimes records my struggles adjusting to a different speed of life and different habits. It is also the place where I share memories that tie me solidly to my origins – memories of family cooking and convivial meals – or musings about favourite cookbooks and food writers.

When in the kitchen, I like cooking following the seasons, being inspired by the fresh produce I find at the market. I buy seasonal, local and organic as much as I can. I eat very little meat and only sustainably harvested or farmed fish. My recipes are simple and wholesome, heavily inspired by my Italian roots. Most sweet and breakfast recipes reflect my inclination to choose healthier options and ingredients, and are the result of my complete lack of a sweet tooth. I enjoy a balanced diet and I never cook willingly gluten free or dairy free, vegan or vegetarian. However, you’ll see how many of my recipes are naturally plant-based – it’s the way I like eating on an everyday basis.

Feel free to get in touch if you have doubts, questions, recipe issues, or positive feedback. I would love to hear your thoughts. You can email me at valeria