Wholesome Banana Muffins Recipe

Here in rural Vermont is all about organic, grass-fed, free range and local-sustainable. Good, clean and fair principles do not struggle finding their place in people mind and daylife. For sure. I mean, in a small town like Hardwick there’s a coop that sells amazing good food and it’s always buzy –despite prices. People got … Read more

My Vermont muesli

Still recovering from jet leg, I woke up slightly early for being a Saturday –I should probably have overindulged in a lazy, late weekend morning.Outside, the level of snow increased overnight to the point that it is now hard to distinguish houses and trees. “Time for a warm breakfast”, I thought. Yesterday, I went grocery … Read more

Raspberry Ricotta Scones

Oh berries. These red, blue, purple juicy little treats have a magic power on me –the power of putting me in the best mood. I step out of the fruit shop and I cannot think of anything else but the beauty, elegance, brightness and sweet tartness of berries. Here where I live in Northern Italy, … Read more

Breakfast Raisin Buns Recipe

Looking at my food habits, breakfast is the meal that can best describe my path, my growth, my life from childhood to adulthood. It is the only meal that remained stable and consistent for a given period of time that corresponded somehow to a phase in my life, and that adaped to my changes and … Read more

October : Pears and Picnics

I changed house five times in the last year. Life of a student, you might say. Indeed. In the courtyard of my new house there’s a pear tree. It gifted us all with plenty of crunchy, sugary fruits since the end of August. We couldn’t resist picking some slightly unripe ones which were hanging at … Read more

Panettone Granola Recipe

We packed, we moved, we unpacked. We lost our Christmas mood somewhere in between, maybe among some of the bags and suitcases. We have had very little time for holiday gift lists and shopping. All we bought was on the internet. However, we found a little time and a lot of enjoyment in making some … Read more