Raw Beef Bugrger Hamburger Di Carne Recipe

Consider a night in a lovely agriturismo in the middle of Piedmont’s rice fields. 

Think about soft candle lights, white clothes and a nice decor. 

Imagine all home made food, from bread to focaccia, from lardo to pickles

There were friends bringing their own wine –the wine they produce with passion in the smallest quantities– and others bringing their own beer –with mountain water and all the secrets of a microbrewery. 
In all that, there was a main dish, set on the table for each guest in an elegant yet simple form. It was an hamburger, but it was raw.
Here in Piedmont, in Northeastern Italy, people like their meat raw. Beef or veal, of course, and from the best quality livestock, which is Fassone or Piedmontese breed. Butchers here cut the filet with a knife and make battuta al coltello, which can be then shapes as a patty or a little cylindrical shape or even a sphere… 
I love raw meat, especially this one. The raw material has the highest quality ever, and for most challenging that it may sound to Americans or other cultures that don’t deal very well with raw meat, it is the best way of tasting it, of appreciating all the flavors and the softness. 

These burgers were made of carne cruda battuta al coltello (raw beef cut with a knife), pickled cucumbers with mustard seeds, onions and lettuce, all on a home-made sesame bun. The recipe is pretty straightforward:

Take a piece of high-quality, grass-fed beef fillet and cut it in tiny little pieces with a sharp knife, until you don’t reach the consistence of a tartare or ground meat. In a bowl, season the cut meat with coarse salt, pepper and olive oil. Shape meat in a patty shape and place patties on a burger bun (home-made or not) over a leaf of lettuce. Cover with pickled cucumbers –either home-made or not– thinly sliced onions, and enjoy with a glass of your favorite beer or red wine, better if from Piedmont

Oh yes, all this is much much better if eaten outside, during a picnic or an outdoor dinner. It makes such a difference, believe me!

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