My Articles for:

University of Gastronomic Sciences' NewsletterFishing for Sustainability, September 2010

Fondazione Slow Food per la Biodiversità OnlusI Casari che Resistono, September 2011

- The Foodie BugleSlow Food Cheese and the Alba Truffle Fair, November 2011

- La Cucina Italiana, Il Finale Più Dolce per una Cena Conviviale, March 2014 (Print)

My Thoughts for:

- The New Gatronomes -UNISG students blog, here.

- Laura J Walter, Experience Florence Food, March 2014

My Interview for:

- Learn Food Photography, How I Shot White on White, March 2014

My Photos for:

- The Inquisitive Eater, New School Food Studies: Everyday Synesthesia, February 2012 | Living Cultures, October 2012

- Kinfolk Magazine: Saturday Pancakes, February 2012, Petersham Nurseries, September 2012

- Ricette Per Bene, Edizioni di Karta, May 2012

My Recipes for:

- Recipe Relay
1) Creamy Winter Squash Soup with Castelmagno D'Alpeggio
2) Boiled Beef Sandwich with Carrot Green Pesto and Carrot Cabbage Slaw
3) Nettle Goat Cheese Tart
4) Summer Potato Salad with Zucchini Ribbons and Pesto
5) Butternut Cider Risotto with Lancashire Cheese

- Honest Cooking

- The Foodie Family Cookbook (pag 6, 16-17, 44-45)

As Seen in:

- The Daily Meal: Link Love: Entertaining and Cooking Blogs, October 2011

- The Kitchn: Delicious Links, 2011

- Organic Authority: Meatless Monday Recipe Roundup: Get Rooted, January 2012

- JustB Australia: Ten Ace Cakes to Swoon Over, May 2012

- Your Kitchen Camera: 5 to Follow, September 2012

Shecky's: Fightin' Foods: 10 Cancer-Battling Bites, October 2012

- Food52: Let Them Have Cake, November 2012

- Lifestyle Mirror: 10 Vegetarian Dinner Recipes, August 2013

- Buzzfeed: Delicious Fig Recipes for Every Occasion, August 2013
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