Welcome to Life Love Food, a journal of personal thoughts, photographs and recipes.

I was born and raised Italian from Italian parents, grandparents and great-grandparents. Having grown up in a little village in the Venetian countryside, I have always been used to good, local, organic food...Without even knowing it –it was just everyday food. While living there, I have always baked with grandma's eggs, eaten happy free-range chickens, vegetables from the garden and fish from the local market near the seaside. 

The most important time for my personal understanding and love of food has to be the two years I spent in Piedmont to study Food Culture and Communications at the University of Gastronomic Sciences. I learned more about food in those years there than in a lifetime. I left with my own ideas and concepts about what good food is and why it is good for you. I then started to feel that hitch – I wanted to start a conversation with people, share my recipes, thoughts, and experiences.

I also met my soulmate. We share the same passions, values, dreams, and enjoy the same type of lifestyle. Good food and creativity are the core of our life together as a couple. When we left the Langhe for London, these values helped us to move in the right direction, an to avoid feeling lost in this big move from the countryside to the metropolis.

When I reach for the kitchen, I cook following my instinct and the memories and flavours of my homeland. I like to cook following the seasons, inspired by the fresh produce I can find at the market. I buy organic, local and seasonal as much as I can, eat very little meat and only sustainable fish. My recipes are simple and wholesome, heavily inspired by my Italian roots.

All you see on this blog comes straight from my kitchen and passes in front of my lens before ending on my table. Please get in touch about anything – doubts, questions, recipe issues, or positive feedback. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Life Love Food is a collection of snapshots and thoughts from my daily life. It is, of course, about food – food I fell in love with, food that inspires me, food I shared and cherish with whom I love. 

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