September 15, 2011

Easy Fig Cake


I miss having a fig tree. I was used to have one in grandma's garden, along with a cherry tree, a plum tree and a beautiful vegetable garden featuring squash, strawberries, concorde grapes, tomatoes, green beans and more.
Even though I live in a town blessed with amazing food and produce coming from local farmers, I still miss having something that is mine. The problem is that I haven't been living in a place long enough to have the chance to grow something on my own --not even a small terrace garden.

So, when I went home for my holidays a few weeks ago, one of the first things I did was picking as many as a could from the tree and eating them still warm and sunkissed. Full and satisfied, I brought the rest inside for some easy and quick baking --no one want to spend too much time inside when the sun shines and the bikes are ready to go, right?


September 12, 2011

Ricotta Pancakes with Banana Maple Topping || Pancakes alla Ricotta con Banane e Sciroppo d'Acero

Ricotta Banana Pancakes

I once heard someone saying that bananas were made to become bread --or muffins. On this, I couldn't agree more.

Sometimes, however, I wake up late (oh lovely weekends!) and don't have any banana bread or muffins waiting for me on the kitchen counter. Busy week days didn't give me time even for baking something small...Or for grocery shopping. No muesli in the jar, no yogurt...All I have is a fridge with a couple bananas, some half-eaten ricotta, and a couple eggs. I needed an idea for something quick and delicious and possibly featuring bananas. They were really ripe...Really really.

I found out that bananas were created to top pancakes, too. They really were. I haven't proved myself that they are good into the pancake batter, yet. But on top, omg, they are delicious. 


September 8, 2011

Baba Ganoush

baba ganoush

Italian summer fare is amazing. Big red juicy tomatoes, firm colorful bell peppers, huge black or violet aubergines. It just makes me feel so good...

Sometimes, I just eat those vegetables in the easiest way possible, just chopped and quckly sautéed with good olive oil and salt, other times simply raw on crusty bread or in salads.

Many times, however, I feel more inspired. I feel like I want to explore different flavors and combinations, using local vegetables in exotic ways.

With the couple of aubergines I bought at the farmers'market, I made baba ganoush. I missed that flavor since my friend from Sydney left Italy to travel around the world. She was the first one to introduce me to this dish and to teach me how to make it. I loved her baba ganoush from the very first bite on crusty pita. 

"It's so easy", she said. "All you need are good ingredients: good aubergines, good tahini, good olive oil".

So, one day, I tried to make it myself, following her instructions. I used mortar and pestle to enjoy the moment even more. I was quite happy with the result, but still: she must have a magic touch.

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