August 31, 2011

On Red Currants || Sui Ribes Rossi

red currants

So long. Such a long time away from this space.

I have been home and a little far from everything, I have been to the beach, feeling better than ever in the last months. I switched off computer and cell phone and spent my days reading on my beach bed, taking a break from time to time just for a swim, a walk, and ice-cream.

I am back now, back to reality and to my daily routine, but a piece of me doesn't want to give up that feeling, that feeling of freedom that makes summer so special. I had to find other things that can still make it special day by day, in the most simple way.

I found red currants at the market one day and immediately smiled. These are things that make me happy. I already told you how berries are part of my best memories and how they are one of my favorite summer fruits. So, after having blueberries, and raspberries, it was time for currants. I bought some boxes and started to imagine what I wanted to do with them.
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