May 9, 2011

New York City - Impressions

Radio City Hall

The first was of an overwhelming back and forth of people, voices, lights, cars. Noises. Smog. Dust. The second was of infinite variety, infinite stimuli, infinite opportunities.

Time Square
The third was of vibrant meltin' pot, cultures, ages --all busy, either alone or in group, all in a hurry, all heading toward something.

Free Hugs

The forth was of melancholy for a city that can give it all, but that can never belong to anyone.

Crowd at lunch @ Katz's

I loved NYC. It's so rich, diverse, interesting. There's always something to look at, something to learn, something to listen to. On the subway train, on the street, in line at the supermarket.

Subway- Time sq.

The camera struggles at grabbing pieces of this restless life. The frame is to small for containing New York, its different levels, its multiple souls. New York is too high, too much.


I walked a lot, down the avenues and along the streets of Manhattan island, trying to create imaginary limits and boundaries to order neighborhoods in my mind --limits that don't exist in the reality, New York has no boundaries. Little Italy melts with China town, the East Village with Noho and Soho. One block can belong to both, or to none.

Fifth Avenue

New York is confusing and ordered at the same time. The logical plan of the city doesn't match with it's illogical inner life. It's always in conflict between these two components --rationality and irrationality.

Stumptown latte

New York is rich and poor. I saw a well dressed, put-together kid ordering an expensive bunch of flowers and a cupcake at Dean and Deluca, and a homeless asking me to swipe him in the subway to give him a place to spend the night.

Cute hat!

New York has no mercy. You're either a winner or a looser. No rules, everything works in order to emerge, to be seen, to pop out of the madding crowd. Even dancing on the train without music in front of careless passengers.

Typical NYC coffee cup
Rhubarb granitaMagnolia Bakery
Finnish rye bread
Grilled corn
Pastrami on rye plus pickles @Katz'sChelsea Merket

New York has all the food you want, all you can imagine, all you can desire. I ate all the Asian bowls of soup I could possibly find and bare. Ramen, udon, chinese noodle soup, pho, Thai soup. I ate pastrami on rye, lox on a bagel. I ate tacos and tamales. I ate sushi, stir fry, baoguette. I ate pretzels, muffins, scones, cookies, waffles, pies. I drank liters of American coffee, Belgian beers, American beers, Japanese beers. I ate Napolitan Pizza and NY style pizza, cacio e pepe and oxtail. I ate the original no-knead bread and Finnish flatbread. I ate whenever I wanted, whatever I wanted. Food is in your face all the time. No rules, no places. It's gastronomic anarchy.

Bambino's Ravioli

Empire State Building

I liked it. A lot. I am no sure if I can live there. But I will definitely go back multiple times, to try to accomplish my long list of to does.

It's even worse in Europe

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