May 16, 2011

Rice cookies -- Biscotti alla farina di riso

rice cookies
I confess I never thought about writing and inventing recipes for celiac people. Fortunately, I am not celiac and I haven't had friends or family members that have this disease. This until a few days ago, when a friend of mine found out she is celiac --which explains, perhaps, her extreme thinness. She was sad because she loves focaccia, bread and beer, and she doesn't find any satisfaction in the gluten-free correspondent products. She looked miserable. I wanted to do something --put my baking skills at her service! :)

So I thought, it's time for me to seriously think about it. People can be happy and eat well also as gluten intolerant, as many bloggers have demonstrated. I though I can learn how to bake gluten free. I can bake focaccia and crackers and cookies for her. Sure I can. And I can prove and see how good they are myself, too.


May 9, 2011

Impressions of the metropolis

Radio City Hall
The first was of an overwhelming back and forth of people, voices, lights, cars. Noises. Smog. Dust.

The second was of infinite variety, infinite stimuli, infinite opportunities.


May 3, 2011


Dean and DeLuca, NYC

In the city that never sleeps --neither do I. I don't know if I want to go back...

Nella città che non dorme mai (e così neanch'io). Non so più se voglio tornare o no...

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