March 26, 2011

Portland - ME

hot suppa

The paradise of eco-foodies. To be continued...


March 22, 2011

Lemon pound cake - Pound cake al limone

Lemon pound cake - slice

Here is still winter. Just yesterday we got 5-6 inches of snow, and it snowed so much that you could berely see the street.
I feel spring time very far away here. It really doesn't seem spring at all. This means that I am still in the mood for winter confort food and for nice teas in front of the fire place. With sweet, cuddling cakes --rich and buttery.


March 18, 2011

St. Patrick's day: Guinness onion soup

volantino st. patrick

Happy St. Patrick's day!!! :)) What? It's 150 anniversary of Italy's unification? Really?? Uhm... Well, sure, happy anniversary!:) But to be honest, given some articles on Italian and international newspaper, and given the common feeling that we breath every day on the street, I don't feel like feasting at all. But this is just me, and I'm super happy for all people feeling proud and happy in this festive day.
I feel more like total green today, but do not misunderstand me, it has nothing to do with Lega Nord... It's St. Patrick's color! Sharmrock power :))


March 16, 2011

Soda bread scones with olives

Here we are, in the middle of what they call "spring"...As you can see, the Inn is just buried with snow, but OK...It's beatuful, though. Sunset are literally breath-taking. 

Barr Hill sunset

Bird house

So, in the wave of baking foreign goods (what else, with this climate? :D), I came up with these perfect replacement of bread in case you run out of it and you didn't make a dough the day before or you're just too lazy or have no time to go to the bakery. Which was my case yesterday.


March 14, 2011

Wholesome banana muffins

wholesome banana muffins

Here in rural Vermont is all about organic, grass-fed, free range and local-sustainable. Good, clean and fair principles do not struggle finding their place in people mind and daylife. For sure. I mean, in a small town like Hardwick there's a coop that sells amazing good food and it's always buzy --despite prices. People got the concept of paying for food value and for its real cost in term of impact on our life and on the environment. And it's great. Also, diets seem to be better than the average, not only in the US but more as a general concept. And this matches pretty well with the stereotype about this state being populated by a bunch of enviro-foodies and old hippies. Well, I love it. I really really like it.

March 12, 2011

Vermont Muesli

Still recovering from the time difference, I woke up slightly early for being a Saturday --I should probably have overindulged in a lazy, late weekend morning.
Outside, the level of snow increased overnight to the point that it is now hard to distinguish houses and trees. "Time for a warm breakfast", I thought.

Lakeview Inn - Greensboro (VT)

Yesterday, I went grocery shopping in a local food coop in Hardwick, more or less 5 miles far from where I live. I was surprised about finding so much good food in here. Really, stereotypes about trash food in the US don't apply to rural Vermont. Here, is more a paradise for local&organic foodies, with amazing dairy products, great grains and astonishing maple syrup and craft beers. Surely enough, greens are really expensive. I could find just local organic apples and carrots, but as for the rest, it all comes from Mexico and California and is terribly pricey. This is the only thing I can actually be unhappy about, but that's fine.


March 11, 2011

American spring blog edition

vermont landscape

Lunga assenza. Lunghe pianificazioni, molti saluti, molti preparativi, molte ore di volo.
Oggi, finalmente, questa è la vista dalla mia finestra.
Sono a Greensboro, in Vermont, la patria dei formaggi a latte crudo statunitensi, degli spazi verdi, delle foreste e dei pascoli. 
Sono qui per un tirocinio, per fare foto, conoscere persone, assaggiare cose nuove. Per 6 settimane, riporterò un po' di quel che vedo, mangio, cucino e vivo qui.
Inizia la nuova stagione del blog: American spring blog edition.

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