22 March 2011

Lemon Pound Cake

Lemon pound cake - slice

Here is still winter. Just yesterday we got 5-6 inches of snow, and it snowed so much that you could berely see the street.
I feel spring time very far away here. It really doesn't seem spring at all. This means that I am still in the mood for winter confort food and for nice teas in front of the fire place. With sweet, cuddling cakes – rich and buttery.


12 March 2011

Vermont Muesli

Still recovering from jet lag, I woke up early for a Sunday. I peaked outside the window and noticed that it snowed some more overnight, to the point that it was hard to see the houses and trees underneath the white mantel of snow. 

Yesterday, we went grocery shopping in a local food coop less than 5 miles away from where we are. I was surprised to find so much good food in here. Stereotypes about trash food in the US don't apply to rural Vermont. Here, it is more like a paradise for local and organic foodies, with amazing dairy products, whole grains, craft beers and astonishingly good maple syrup. The only drawback is that greens are really expensive. I could only find local apples and carrots, the rest all comes from Mexico and California and it's terribly pricey. 

Anyway, I bought a bunch of staples for the next few days, including local flour from King Arthur, muesli, oatmeal, granola, nuts, grains, legumes, berries – all sold in bulk, then packed in recyclable paper bags. I also got some great French-style bread, some coffee, and a jar of cranberry jam. I passed by the dairy section and I was astounded by the quality it all: fresh butter, organic local milk, locally-sourced yogurt, and free-range, organic multicolored eggs sold by the dozen. Wow. Good food here is surely more expensive than in Italy, but it felt so totally worth it.

So this morning breakfast was pretty settled. We indulged in a lazy, comforting bowl of muesli to go along a big mug of black coffee while outside everything was white and still. The peace in the place. 

I can see this becoming my go-to breakfast while living here. It will be a mix of healthy ingredients sourced locally, light enough to stir me away from sluggishness, and nutritious enough to get me going in this cold Vermont spring. 

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